Maui Sol Products

Maui Sol’s mission is to provide high quality products crafted with ingredients gathered from organic, wild harvested, and natural sources. Feel at ease using our products as we only pick natural ingredients that are safe for the body and spirit. We use as many local ingredients as possible and are adding new ones in the formulas when available. We promote a loving relationship with the earth and the creatures upon her.

Questions about our products?

    Quality Guaranteed

    Maui Sol Botanicals is a Maui, Hawai’i based botanical company inspired by the bounty of nature. We gather our natural ingredients from high quality sources and are committed to upholding natural and organic standards. Our patron goddess is Laka, the Hawaiian goddess of the forest, herbs, nature, hula and celebration. We honor her spirit. We hope you enjoy anointing yourself with these precious potions as a ritual in remembrance of the sacredness of life!

    Feel at ease using our products as we only pick the best ingredients for the body.

    At Maui Sol Botanicals, we promise to uphold the highest quality standards in each product.

    This means that each product is always:

    • Natural
    • Organic
    • Gluten Free
    • Vegan
    • Paraben-Free
    • Human & Reef Safe